Selling WaterFed® to Skeptic Customers

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Selling WaterFed® To Skeptic Customers

At this point, most professional window cleaners have heard of WaterFed®. The science-based technology used to clean windows without any chemicals or ladders, while innovative, is no longer new for many types of cleaning professionals (not just window cleaning, for example, see Zerorez carpet cleaning in Colorado). The learning curve that once existed for window cleaners has transitioned to the clients. Customers will undoubtedly be curious about the cleaning process. Here are some tips to help alleviate their concerns and expand their cleaning education.

Understanding Their Concerns

The first step to selling WaterFed® cleaning to your clients is to understand their concerns. Usually, it involves cleaning time, leaving wet windows to dry without streaks, lacking traditional tools, or a combination of the three. When you, as their service provider, can understand their concerns, you can better address the issues and describe solutions. 

Concern One: Cleaning Time

According to a 2019 survey given to 214 window cleaners, 61% said they think using WaterFed® is faster by 50% or more compared to traditional cleaning methods. To a professional window cleaner, this is exceptional. For a client, especially those accustomed to traditional cleaning, the job appears done in half the time and at the same price. If a client brings this up, address their concern by acknowledging the change, explaining the extra benefits, and offer some context.

Response Example: WaterFed® uses purified water during cleaning to attract dirt and debris on a molecular level and rinses it away. It takes one pass at scrubbing and one at rinsing to clean all the dirt off both the windows and the window frames. And because other cleaning tools aren’t needed, you’re getting a better clean for less time (frames cleaned and no residual soap left to attract dirt in the future).

Concern Two: Leaving Windows to Dry 

One of the beauties is that WaterFed® dries spot-free because of the purified water used in the scrub and rinse. To your client, it may look like you are leaving before the windows are clean because the windows themselves are not dry. Explaining the science behind WaterFed® will be one of the best ways to inform your clients. This is also an ideal opportunity to build trust with them by offering a guarantee about the results and what you’ll do to fix things if there’s a problem.

Example Response: I know it seems strange to leave the windows wet, but this technology actually does a better job than traditional cleaning. WaterFed® technology takes normal water and purifies it using filters to remove impurities. The same principle is used in spot free car washes. If there are spots left on any of these windows once they dry, we’ll come back and fix it for free.

To get more science on WaterFed®, click here

Concern Three: Lack of Traditional Tools

If your clients are concerned by the lack of soap, ladders, or squeegees used when cleaning their windows, they are not alone. It took many years for people to embrace WaterFed® because it doesn’t use traditional tools. Without soap, people get skeptical about how clean their windows really get.

Example Response: WaterFed® uses purified water to attract dirt and leave a spot-free finish. The combination of water and scrubbing loosens the dirt from the window, which is absorbed by the water. The rinse also uses purified water to push the “dirty water” down while leaving only pure water on the windows. As a result, there are no extra minerals or contaminants, allowing windows to dry spot-free without using soap or other traditional tools. Because there is no residual soap left on the windows, the dirt takes longer to accumulate and gives you a better clean.

Whatever your client’s concern, the best solution is to be a WaterFed® expert. When you know how the system works backward and forwards, you can easily mitigate any worries. 

Here are some more WaterFed® resources to help you become a true expert: 

Cherry On Top

WaterFed® is excellent for anyone who cleans windows or solar panels. It is safer because it does not require ladders, is easy to use, and allows cleaners to bid on jobs they may have had to pass on previously. In the same 2019 study, 87% of experienced users said that WaterFed® increased their profitability. There are also benefits for your customers. 

  • There is no invasion of privacy. This is especially true for apartment and office buildings. Working from the ground means the client gets clean windows without anyone looking through them.
  • WaterFed® is chemical-free. This means there won’t be any chance chemicals for pets to drink, garden beds to absorb, or exposure for people. The lack of harsh chemicals is also good for environmentally conscious customers.
  • A Better Clean with frames included. Because WaterFed® does not use chemicals, there isn’t any residue for dirt to attract, and windows stay cleaner, longer. On top of that, window frames get cleaned during the process!

WaterFed® cleaning technology is a process that might need some explaining to skeptical customers. Don’t let a few questions slow you down. Become an expert and use your knowledge to share with your customers. This will mitigate their hesitations and illustrate your professionalism. Have any other experiences with customer concerns we didn’t cover? Comment below, and we will create an example response and add it to the blog post.