High Rise Training; Opportunity, Options, and Advice Part Three

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High Rise Training Part Three


This is the third installment of our High Rise Series. In this blog, we talk to Todd Foor about his path to high rise success, both personally and professionally. To read the first blog in this series, click here and the second, click here.

Todd Foor is the owner of Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning in Tempe, Arizona. He has been a high rise window cleaner for over 35 years and has seen the industry change significantly. He began high rise cleaning without any formal certification, though he was sport climbing for as long as he had been cleaning windows. After a few years, the high rise window cleaning industry started to grow and develop legitimacy. Todd participated in a certification by the IWCA. Though classroom training was helpful, and it offered more training than many receive, Todd wanted something more hands on.

So he began to search for more training. “…I looked at rope access companies and the futuristic path they were taking. The future is safety and regulation in the modern world. Ken Piposar with Abseilon USA is who I chose to educate us. He is familiar with the industry as he was a window cleaner at one time.” Todd also decided to get involved with the franchise Squeegee Squad, a company that keeps its franchise owners and crew up to date with safety standards and high rise training. 

Constant training and safety updates have been the name of the game for Todd. “Soon, a mandatory certification will be required. That will alter the game and give less power to the rookie low-baller. Working with a piece of paper that, after sitting through a chat with 50 people that makes a person equal to a veteran, is a major problem in this craft.” Training, for Todd, has been a source of confidence, knowledge, and direction for himself. “I have been able to work on amazing structures all over the country. The skywalk at the Grand Canyon to many high rises from Philly and DC to Denver and Vegas and Phoenix. It’s giving me a unique life and a great perspective.”

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