5 Ways To Know What Works

Amy LavinMarketing

5 ways to know what works as a marketer

Opinion Piece by Amy Stevens. Amy works as a part of abc’s marketing team.

No matter your business, window cleaning or otherwise, owning a company means that you are also in the business of marketing. Collecting data to serve your customers better, finding ways to connect your message to your audience, and creating channels to spread the word about your business, are all ways in which you look for opportunities to advance your business through marketing. As one of the marketing professionals at abc, I have noticed that marketing is never one-sided. That is to say, as much as you seek to collect data and listen to your customer base, you should also consider participating in some marketing directed toward yourself. This allows you to see what works and what  doesn’t, on the consumer side of things. You can then directly apply those lessons to your business to efficiently evolve and grow. Here is five ways how to be a good consumer and in turn, learn what works best as a marketer.

1. Complete the Survey

It can be overwhelming to be a consumer, and even more so when you are prompted with a request to complete a survey with every purchase you make. On the other hand, you, as a marketer, understand the importance of getting feedback from your customers. Prioritize your time and your participation. Try completing one survey a month. Often, surveys are coupled with a giveaway. So choose which survey to spend your time on and go for it. 

2. Tag, Like, Share, Comment and Follow Content Online

The easiest way to “practice what you preach” as far as marketing is concerned is to do it on the internet. Companies, as you know, spend a ton of time and resources to bolster up their reputation and content online for purposes of elevating their company from the competition. Social media is an easy tool to use to show off a company’s brand. Tag, like, share, comment, and follow your favorite brands online to show support and stay aware of their work. It’s the simplest way to stay engaged. 

3. Leave a Review Online

Most businesses understand the importance of online reviews. Some even derive the majority of their business solely from the online reviews customers have left. According to Invespcro, consumers are likely to spend 31% more money with a company that has excellent reviews. As a marketer, you understand not only the potential influence of these reviews, but also understand how challenging they can be to complete. Try and leave a review on the first Thursday of every month. This will allow you to give feedback to businesses with whom you recently interacted while avoiding an overly happy or angry review. 

4. Participate in Contests

While this may go hand in hand with completing an online survey, contests are a win for both consumer and business. Even though winning is not guaranteed, when you, as a consumer, participate in contests, either online/ over the phone/ through text messaging, you help the business to create brand awareness. Bonus: if you win, discussing your winnings with your peers usually leads to them entering contests as well, which in turn helps all marketers to run successful promotions, including you and your business. 

5. Report Errors on a Website

Businesses have a lot of irons in the fire, and occasionally a mishap occurs in the form of a broken URL or webpage. If you, as a business owner, were to have this happen, customers coming forward and directing your attention to the problem will only help you to solve it quickly. As a consumer, your role is to share this information with the business. It is helpful to both you and them. Usually, to contact a company, an email address can be found at the bottom of the website. Other companies offer a specific way, such as a web-based contact form, dedicated to sharing errors. 

While marketing can seem a bit elusive, there are ways to precisely acquire information about your target audience and cater your business to them. On the flip side, as a consumer, you decide with whom you wish to be affiliated, so make it count. Practice what you preach as a marketer, and you will better understand what works and what is tiresome for a consumer. Discuss these five suggestions with your staff and see, as consumers, which ones they prefer. Comment below with any new suggestions you have!