WaterFed® Site Pre-Planning

Amy LavinWaterFed®, Window Cleaning

Site Pre-Planning

When you find yourself with a new WaterFed® job, you’ll want to do some basic pre-planning to make sure that the job goes smoothly and as efficiently as possible. While this does not mean having to go to the site beforehand, there are a few things that you can do to set yourself up for success. 

Take Note of Your Surroundings

Surveying your job site seems obvious, but knowing what to look out for can be the difference between time used or wasted.

☑️ Power Lines – Avoid working close to or remotely near a power line. Can your pole possibly touch or fall onto a power line? If so, find another place or way to access your area. Remember that electricity can arc from a power line without your pole actually touching the line, so keep a safe distance.
☑️ Retaining Wall – Make sure everyone is aware of these. While looking up at windows, it’s easy to walk off of a retaining wall accidentally. If the wall makes a space difficult to access, start by cleaning the tight areas with the brush only and add your pole later for the high windows.
☑️ Trip & Tangle Hazards – Clean up any tripping or tangle hazards before starting the job to avoid having to stop mid-cleaning. Place your system strategically to minimize how much your hose will be in your way.
☑️Upcoming Challenge – If you see something specific like hard water stains, place the appropriate tool (in this case, a hogs hair brush) in front of the area to be ready when it comes time to use it.

System Placement 

Once you are comfortable with the area where you’ll be working, strategically plan where to set your WaterFed® system to operate most efficiently.

☑️ Where can you place your WaterFed® system to minimize having to move it?
☑️ Consider the location of your water source. 
☑️ Have a Phaser? While running water through your system, make sure air bubbles are entirely out of your system to maximize the life of filters. To do this, tip the DI filter up and hold it for a few seconds.  

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

Lastly, to prep for a successful WaterFed® job, figure out what you’re up against.

☑️ Test Source Water – Know what you’re up against. 
☑️ Test water after it runs through the system – Make sure the TDS meter reads 10 or less to make sure windows will dry spot-free. Are you getting a TDS of 10 or more? Check the status of your filters here