Pole Materials

Amy LavinWaterFed®, Window Cleaning


While WaterFed® has gained more and more of a reputation in the window cleaning industry, WaterFed® Pole (or WFP) materials have continued to develop. In this post, we’ll cover the different types of WFP materials and go over what you can expect from them.

Aluminum poles were once the only option. The material proved to be heavy, and the poles cumbersome. Luckily, we have come a long way, and pole materials have changed for the better. Originally, poles could weight up to 14 lbs. Today, most WFPs usually weigh between 3 to 7 lbs., while being far more rigid.

Hybrid poles are a mix of 50% glass fiber and 50% carbon fiber and are the new standard in introductory-level poles. The weight is about half as much as aluminum, and they are incredibly stiff. They are the most budget-friendly option on the market and are ideal for those new to WaterFed®.

The next step up would be the full carbon fiber pole. These poles are excellent when working over 35 feet because they weigh less than the hybrid while having less flex when working. Flex, or stiffness, is a crucial factor when working above three stories because the angle that the pole leans against the window, combined with the weight of the pole, creates a dip in the pole. Depending on the material, the pole can have more or less of a dip. Ultimately, you’d like the pole with the least flex.

The best option for WaterFed® poles on the market is the HiMod pole. The hi-modulus carbon offers the least flex and weight of any material and is the ideal solution for cleaning over five stories. The HiMod pole weighs almost a third as the same sized aluminum pole and is the best on the market.  

abc also offers a modular pole, which is different than the hybrid, carbon fiber, and HiMod telescopic poles. Instead of each section of the pole living within one another, the modular pole connects each section end to end. A telescopic pole extends and is held in place by collars. Window cleaners enjoy telescopic poles because they are easy to store. Modular poles, on the other hand, are made at abc from HiMod material. They offer the most stiffness and the least flex because each section is not thinner than the previous one, like telescopic poles. Therefore, some window cleaners prefer this style of pole.

In addition to the pole, to get started working you’ll need a WaterFed® brush, pole tubing, angle adapter, and a shut-off valve. All of abc’s Triple Crown poles come standard with these extras.

Angle adapter– Connects pole to brush.

Shut-off valve– Connects pole tubing to system. 

If you find yourself in a situation that calls for something extra, there are a few accessories perfectly suited for specific cases.

Gooseneck– Used to reach your brush over deep ledges or when working with skylights. 

Pad holders– Screws onto your angle adapter to give you access to different types of pads for more scrubbing power. 

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