Breaking In Towels

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Huck Towels are the most common towels in the industry, and it’s essential that they be absorbent. The efficiency of absorbance between new and used towels is strikingly different. The common assertion that new towels are more absorbent than used is inaccurate. However, with a little preparation, new towels can be easily transformed, and old towels can be given new life.

New vs. Used

Used Huck Towels are more absorbent out of the box than new ones since they’re already washed. New ones need to be broken in for them to reach peak absorbency. Luckily, this is a simple process of washing.

How to break in your towels and make them more absorbent.

When it comes to detergents, there’s no need to get expensive. Any mainstream detergent will work. It’s important, however, to avoid high pH detergents since they affect the fabric by making it too hard or causing it to disintegrate too quickly. Avoid detergents that claim to “brighten colors,” or have whiteners or brighteners added to them. A basic unscented detergent is the best option.

Avoid fabric softeners. They are designed to coat fabrics, which causes buildup on the towel. That buildup makes the towel less absorbent.

If your home has hard water, add a water softener if needed. An quick way to determine if you have hard water is if you easily get soap scum in your bathtub.

Wash the first cycle of towels with no detergent added. This will rinse out any residual from the manufacturing process, and helps clean out residue in your machine. You don’t need to dry after this first water-only cycle.

Following the first water-only cycle, wash the huck towels several times on hot. Dry them between washes. Make sure you have a large enough load in your machine before washing. Many machines are not effective when washing or drying small load sizes. Repeat this process until the towels readily absorb water dropped on them. It will take a few washings and dryings for them to reach their full absorbency. Your huck towels are now ready to use!


Properly washing your towels first, using the right detergent, and avoiding fabric softeners is all it takes for your huck towels to reach peak absorbency. Let us know your thoughts, or if you have any tried and true tips you use for your towels?