Failure To Make Marketing The Top Priority

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Guest Blog Disclaimer: This is a guest blog post by Jim DuBois of Squeegee Pros and Window Washing Wealth. The views, opinions, and positions expressed within this guest posts are those of the author.

Are You Making This Big Mistake: Failure To Make Marketing The Top Priority.

I’ve rarely seen this subject mentioned at seminars or conferences or even in books for window cleaning professionals. But I can tell you for certain that if you don’t get a handle on your marketing, you can forget about overcoming the struggle to grow from small to big to ultimately dominating your marketplace. Hi Again, this is Jim DuBois with

Tip: Develop the mindset that you are in the marketing business, NOT the window cleaning business. Make sense?

Without marketing and business systems, you can expect to be a slave to your business for the rest of your life, trading time for money. Being good at window cleaning, pressure washing, or whatever it is that you do is not good enough! I cannot be gentle about this, even though you will not like hearing it. This is the fundamental truth that can liberate you from laboring for your dollars and settling for an average income. It can empower you to totally transform your business into a high-income profit-generating machine that your competitors will envy.

In the window cleaning industry today, it’s not how much you know about running your business, nor is it the product choices or equipment purchases that you make, nor the employees that you hire that determine your income. It is how effective you are at marketing yourself, your company, and your services, that creates the balance in your bank account. The unhappy fact is that you can be the VERY best at what you do, provide the very best equipment, the cleanest trucks and have the best customer service in the industry, AND STILL STARVE TO DEATH if you cannot affordably and efficiently attract a steady stream of new business, and keep the customers that you already have. In my Window Washing Wealth Marketing Modules, I break down in detail how to create a Faucet of Profit, which in turn becomes a Marketing Dial for a never-ending flow of leads. You MUST have a marketing arsenal. Most window cleaning companies don’t and greatly limit their potential for success. 

You need great marketing to protect your customers from poachers. And, you must have great marketing to affordably keep new work coming in. The truth is, marketing is the most critical function in your business. And, as a successful business owner, your best chance to succeed is to become your own “Master Marketing Director.”.

Why would you leave the most critical function of your business up to someone else? If you genuinely believed that your number one duty as a business owner is to “market your business,” would your daily agenda change? You may even be saying right now, “but Jim, I do handle all of the marketing for my company, and it is a priority.” My response to you in return would be “How much of your time are you truly devoting to “high value” marketing activities”? Now I’m not talking about taking a half hour to meet with an advertising rep or making time to drop your latest flyer off at the print shop. I’m talking about the kind of activities that go into becoming a marketing-oriented company.

Here are some activities that you should consider high priority in conjunction with what you are learning here:

  • Study the marketing and strategies used by your competitors. Know your market. Know your competitors.
  • Networking with other business owners who serve the same clients as you do. What do they do that is different or better that you can learn from.
  • New Service or Product Letters.
  • Creating programs to stimulate referrals from your existing clients. Writing sales letters or advertising to promote new and different services to your client base.
  • Creating new promotional strategies to acquire new clients. These last two are always a work in progress.
  • Testing your ads and marketing campaigns to try and improve the response rates.
  • Developing new ways to differentiate your company from your competitors.
  • Writing articles for newspapers and magazines and a company newsletter. (I just had 2 of my staff mentioned in a local magazine two different times, keeping my company name and services “out there” in the community.
  • Attending mastermind or networking meetings.
  • Attending marketing conferences or seminars like the IWCA and conventions.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a window cleaning business owner is to be fooled into thinking that you are in the business of cleaning windows and glass. That is not the case. YOU are in the business of MARKETING your services. The quicker this realization hits you, the quicker you can start to build the business of your dreams. Great marketing can make up for a whole lot of operational flaws in your business…but not visa-versa.

Remember, marketing IS your business. What I’ve shared with you here is another new way of thinking for most window cleaning company entrepreneurs. This is priceless information if used properly. And if you put it into action, a profitable dynasty stands before you. However, you must change your thinking and put marketing at the forefront. This is how I built my company to a staff of 40, dominating the Charlotte, NC market. Email me any of your questions at I always reply.

There’s no doubt, if you take control and become your own marketing expert, your business will boom. Until next time…

Jim DuBois is the founder of Squeegee Pros, Inc., out of Mooresville, NC. He is the creator of, which specializes in aggressive marketing tactics, the importance of internal company systems, and how to dominate your window cleaning marketplace. All things a serial window cleaning entrepreneur should know to build a business. Visit the site for a free marketing report. Do you have questions you’d like to see answered in this column? Leave a comment, email them to me directly at or call my office at 704-799-0313.