Using WaterFed® to Clean Solar Panels

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The invention of pure water cleaning systems, also known as water-fed systems, bring a safe, easy, and cost-effective means of cleaning windows into the hands of large and small businesses alike. (If you’re new to WaterFed®, we suggest you read our introduction first to learn more, just click here. Then come back to this post). But windows aren’t the only things you can clean with a WaterFed® system.

Did you know that they can also be used to clean solar panels and other opaque surfaces?

According to, “the United States has experienced an average growth of 40% in residential solar power usage […]” and by the year 2050, “[…] a quarter of energy usage and supply may derive from solar power.” To collect all of this power created by the sun, the number of solar panels being installed and used will only increase. If you think this has nothing to do with your window cleaning business, consider these two reasons as to why you should use your WaterFed® system to clean solar panels. One of the best home improvements you can make to your home is to get solar panels.

Cleaning your clients’ solar panels is a great way to add more cleaning service options to your existing clients without the need to purchase new equipment. It also enables you to offer a service for a new clientele and expand your business.
It is also a way to differentiate your business from others. It gives your company a market edge because it is a service that has a growing need.
WaterFed is the best way to clean your clients solar panels!Window Cleaning Machine, a WaterFed system, used to clean solar Panels.Clean solar panels attain more energy from the sun.

Why Should Solar Panels Be Cleaned?

You know your business has the option to add solar panel cleaning to your repertoire, but why should your customers clean their solar panels? According to, a dirty solar panel can lose up to 20% of its output. And of course, for the simple fact, clean solar panels are more aesthetically pleasing, similar to windows.


There is no need to buy extra equipment if you are already successfully cleaning windows using a WaterFed® system. In fact, unlike glass windows, the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) does not have to read 10 or below. It only has to read 40 or less, which in turn means that the filters in your WaterFed® system don’t have to work as hard. You could clean solar panels with an RO only system or set up your current system to use its RO filter by removing the DI filter. (Note: you should keep the Carbon/Sediment filter attached). Systems like the SG1 and Phaser make this easy to do on the fly!

The Marketing

Ready to give it a go? Next time you’re at a client’s house that has solar panels installed, get ready for the best opportunity to market your business. Offer to clean their panels if they’d like as a trial for a new service you are offering. This way, the clients can have a conversation with you about why they might need those cleaned and decide if they would like to have it done in the future.

Solar energy is quickly becoming cheap and accessible, and it just so happens that your window cleaning WaterFed® system works to clean these panels. Establishing your business now as a business that has had experience cleaning solar panels will not only benefit you in the future, but it will give you a market edge over your competition now. A WaterFed® system makes it easy and costs nothing to include in your service options. Opportunity is knocking, will you answer?

Has your business begun cleaning solar panels with WaterFed®? Comment below with any advice, marketing tips, or why you started adding that service to your business.