Cleaning Newly Tinted Glass

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Tinting windows are most commonly done with cars and are one of the many decisions that car owners make for their vehicles. But it has also been seen in residential window services and commercial windows. There are many reasons why an owner would opt for the tinting job: they help prevent UV ray exposure that can cause skin problems such as melanoma and skin cancer, provide comfort as they prevent extreme exposure to harsh sunlight, and it makes driving easier and more comfortable. With less exposure to sunlight, even furniture, upholstery, and other interior components will benefit as they won’t fade as fast as they would when directly exposed. Less heat coming in the house, establishment, or cars also means that there is less pressure on the air conditioning unit.

But as effective as they are, tint films are also delicate. Cleaning them with the wrong tools can cause damage, hurting their effectiveness and their lifespan. Many people do not realize this and thus keep on cleaning their tinted windows with tools and chemicals that, unknowingly, corrode the tints. As such, they may be paying more than necessary by needing to replace the tint film more often than they would have had they taken good care of their tinted windows.

The main difference between cleaning a newly-tinted car window and cleaning untinted windows lies in the following factors:

  • The things you use when cleaning it. Tools such as cloth wipe material and ingredients of the cleaning agent that you will be using.
  • The things that you SHOULD avoid to preserve the lifespan, appearance, and effectiveness of your window tints.

What to Avoid

In cleaning windows that are tinted, you should never use scrapers, abrasive sleeves, or other abrasive materials. They scratch the tint film, which weakens those areas and makes them less effective in blocking sunlight and harmful UV rays. Ammonia-based cleaners should not be used as they reduce the darkness of your tint and makes it dry and brittle.

What tips do you have for cleaning tinted glass? Let us know in the comments!

3 Comments on “Cleaning Newly Tinted Glass”

  1. Thanks for sharing! A lot of people starting out in the detailing business don’t realize that tinted windows and regular windows need to be treated differently. In some ways you can say detailing is both and art an a science.

  2. Agreed! There is quite a bit of things to look out for when cleaning window tint film. I’m glad you emphasized some of those factors in order to avoid replacing the tint film because of a short lifespan and the film wearing out. Thanks for sharing.

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