The Three T’s of Tool Tethering

At Rope and Rescue, we thought that Tethering probably only had one T. Maybe two at most. But Ergodyne is serious about dropped object prevention, so they didn’t stop at just one or two T’s. Nope, they made it into three T’s!

Tool Trapping 

It can be difficult to attach to a tool like a hammer that has no connection point. You can tie as tightly around it as possible, but it can still fall just right so that it slips out of it’s tether.

Tool Tethering 

As you know, it’s best practice to keep all your tools tethered to prevent drops. You do yourself (and those below you) a favor by being diligent about this. Luckily, Ergodyne makes it easy with a variety of tool lanyards for connecting to your trapped tools. Check out a few of the options in this video.

Tool Topping 

Often overlooked, it’s important to “top” your bags so that the tools inside don’t fall out. Ergodyne makes a variety of bags with built in tops, as well as a unique top that you can add to most nose buckets. Check out the video to see a few options.

Concluding Words 

Big shout out to Nate Bohmbach, Product Manager for Ergodyne. Thanks for stopping by to show us all these great new products. Let’s make dropped objects history!

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Amy LavinThe Three T’s of Tool Tethering

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