Setting The Sleeve Standards

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We’ve been doing a lot of work around these parts. You might have noticed our website recently got a makeover. Well, we’ve also been doing some serious work with sleeves. And not just our sleeves. Although we must admit, they hold a special place in our hearts. For this post, we are sharing the story of why we created our new sleeve tests and how they make it easier for you to find the exact sleeve you’re looking for.

We are always asked which sleeve is the best. Of course, it’s the Triple Crown sleeves (Mostly kidding!). It all depends on what you need at the moment. Windows that need some extra scrubbing abrasive will use one sort of sleeve that might not be the best sleeve option for tinted windows. Outdoor cleaners won’t care as much about dripping as indoor cleaners. So we wanted to change the question. In our minds, it’s not about which sleeve is the best, but rather which sleeve is the best for your specific needs. Once we figured out what question we should be asking ourselves, it was time to start thinking about just how to answer that question.

The first step to answering the question, which sleeve is best in (insert situation), was to put our ears to the ground. Many of you told us that the three most important sleeve characteristics to you were durability, how much water the sleeve holds, and how much it drips. You explained to us that these are some of the most critical factors to window cleaners, not just traditional, but across the spectrum.

Durability was important, especially for the sleeves that were going to be used daily, your “go-to.” Because the go-to sleeves are going to be used day in and day out, you told us it was important that sleeves don’t blow out of the sides from T-bars. So when we created the durability portion of our sleeve test, we visually inspected each sleeve, factored in customer feedback, and gave it a rating. We checked for things like reinforced ends, hearty material from which the sleeve is made, and double stitching. We also incorporated your sleeve reviews into our durability rating because nothing is better than the client’s first-hand experience to give us the information about the sleeve’s durability and how it lasts.

How much water a sleeve holds is vital to you, you told us, because it determines how often you’ll have to dip said sleeve into your water/cleaning solution. The more water the sleeve holds, the less often you must stop your cleaning flow to replenish the sleeves water content, which also directly impacts the amount of water you’ll have to carry with you and how far you can venture from your bucket. To test this sleeve characteristic and determine a rating for each sleeve, we decided it was time to crunch some numbers (which, you should know, was very exciting to some of us). We individually weighed each dry sleeve, dipped each sleeve individually into the water, loosely rung it out as window cleaners do, let it drip a bit (if it dripped at all, that is), and then weighed it again. We assigned a range weight increase for each rating. The difference between the dry sleeve’s weight and that of the water-soaked sleeve determined the rating each sleeve was given. We repeated this test 3 times for each sleeve to get a fair sample.

Each sleeve’s drip rating was determined in the middle of our previous test. It became clear from your input that dripping was an important factor to consider when cleaning inside windows, as to not drip water all over the inside of your clients’ house. After we dunked the sleeve into the water and rung it out, in the manner that window cleaners do, we observed how much water dripped from the sleeve. A few sleeves had no water dripping what so ever, while others had constant dripping. Once we observed each sleeve’s amount of water dripping, we were able to rate it.

We performed each of these tests for each sleeve we carry. From there, we formatted the information into the description of each sleeve on our website. It is now easier than ever to find out how your potential sleeve purchase stacks up in the areas you care about most. From here on out, all of your future sleeve purchases will be more informed than ever. And once you use the sleeve and become familiar with it, we encourage you to leave a review on the website to help other window cleaners with her or his choice!

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