The Powerful WF Pump

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You have some new jobs that might require a little extra from your WaterFed® system, and you know you need a pump, but what is your next step? This post gives you the information you need when it comes time to purchase a pump.

ac vs dc vs gas

The biggest choice you’ll want to make is the type of power that is going to run your pump. The most common type of pump is AC powered (power from an outlet). This is going to give you the most options for a pump when you are ready to purchase. When you are out on the job, all you need to have is a wall outlet to power your WaterFed® system. AC power gives the WaterFed® system consistent and dependable power while in use. Another option for AC pumps is to use a generator for your power. This option is ideal for window cleaners working on buildings that are without an outside outlet. It has also been used as a business selling point, as it allows you to run completely independent from customers.

Another type of pump power is DC (battery-powered) pumps. Although there are not as many DC options for pumps, it can be a great relief for a window cleaner not to have to rely on anyone’s power but their own. On the flip side, once your battery begins to lose its charge, the WaterFed® systems pump flow will be affected.

The last type of pump power is gas. The gas-powered pump provides a lot of power and gives good results. There are, however, limited choices when it comes to gas pumps. The other thing to consider is that you will need to be aware of the pump’s gas levels, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep gas on hand.

Once you have decided on a pump that works best for you, you’ll want to figure out the best way to orient the pump into your arrangement. One option is to put the pump before the system. This will pressurize the water going through the filters and give your water extra volume. It makes the process of filtering quicker and therefore produces more water to clean with. The other option is to put the pump after the system; it will pressurize the water vertically up the pole. This will help you to reach those higher-level windows. Another reason to orient the pump after the filtration is if you have a high volume to begin with, excellent water pressure straight from the faucet, a pump will help get that volume up to the windows.

Triple Crown Pressure Gauge

At this point, you are ready to work with your WaterFed® system and your pump. The last consideration is to stay aware of the pressure your system is creating as well as the pressure your system can handle. It is important to have a pressure gauge whenever you use your pump. The owner’s manual of the WaterFed® system will tell you the amount of pressure your system can handle.

After all these considerations, you are ready to begin using your WaterFed® system in combination with your pump.

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  1. very clear details.What are the components of this window cleaning system.What is the life of the media, filter material.Do you stock it .how do you charge the cannisters.How many operating hours do i have with a new system.I am interested in buying a small system for my Janitorial cleaning Outfit.Kindly advise on the points raised and the cost

    1. Hey Malcom,
      Thanks for commenting! This blog post is all about the pumps able to be used in a WaterFed systems (though it should be noted that not all pumps work with every system. Please refer to to see if a pump is right for your future system). If you wouldn’t mind live chatting with us on our site or giving us a call, 1-800-989-4003, we can help you pick out the system that best fits the needs of your Janitorial setup! Once we determine the system that best works for you, we can better tell you how long each filter lasts (note: it does depend on how often you use your system, so we give you a “best estimate”, “what you can expect” kind of estimate in regards to how long the system and filters will last before you need to replace them).
      We carry all of our Triple Crown systems in-house, in fact, we build them here, which allows us to always have our tools and spare filters in stock when it is time to replace your filters.
      Depending on how often you plan on using this system, we have some kit offers that include a pole and a system. For example, if your use is fairly infrequent, we have something like the Photon WaterFed Cart and pole kit that costs $535.00 for the system and a 25ft carbon fiber pole or if you’re looking for something that can be used a bit more frequently and has a system that can be upgraded when you are ready to take on more, we offer the NXT basic WaterFed cart and pole kit for $1049.00 that includes an NXT1 system and a 25ft Triple Crown hybrid pole. We can help navigate through pole materials and systems themselves when you give us a call or live chat.

  2. Hey everyone! I purchased the triple crown multi stage with the silver pole and nylon brush. I’ve had several opportunities to use it primarily on two story homes and sky lights. My frustrations are currently related to inadequate water pressure! I have the pump, and for what the pump costs, it’s not worth the money considering the added back breaking work and the inefficiency it creates vs the minute water pressure the pump generates! Retrospectively, I wished I would have done more research prior to buying this rig. I would have purchased a lighter, cart mounted system and different components. Overall, it’s a decent entry level piece of equipment that will make life somewhat easier when doing residential in the hot weather but be sure to have a helper assist in moving the equipment around the structure your cleaning. One person on this rig defeats the purpose of efficiency on larger more complex jobs. If anyone can offer helpful information that will change my way of thinking, feel free to hit me up! I’m willing to learn!

    1. Patrick, sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the system! We’ll reach out to you directly to try to troubleshoot.

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