Choosing Between DI and Multistage WaterFed® Systems

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When considering the purchase of a WaterFed® system, the initial investment can seem like the most significant determining factor. In fact, it seems like a no-brainer. The cost of a DI only system can be less than half the cost of a multistage system, even more, depending on which systems you are comparing. But before you make your final decision, it is worth considering the cost of running each system.


A DI only system has a low(er) initial investment cost. But, the cost of the DI only system is about 10 times more expensive to run than the multistage system. Want to see how we came up with those numbers? Click Here. On the other hand, the purchase of a multistage system has a significantly higher upfront investment cost but is 10 times less expensive to run. Even though a DI only system is less expensive upfront, multistage will cost you less over time.

TDS Readings


Another consideration is the TDS of your water. When you take a reading from the water that comes from the faucet, it might be low. This could be useful because it could mean that your WaterFed® system won’t have to do as much work, and therefore, a DI only system makes sense because the water won’t require you to change the filter as often. That could mean the cost of running your system is less expensive than originally anticipated. But, it is important to know that even within a small geographic area, TDS reading for water can vary widely.

But Let’s Not Discount DI Only Systems…

While you might think we are only advocates of multistage systems, let us discuss a few reasons why we do indeed love DI only systems. One reason to purchase a DI system is the same reason many people find it so appealing, the initial investment. If you are entering into the WaterFed® world, it is sensible to dip your toes into the purified pool water, as opposed to jumping right in. If this is not your first system, you know the benefits of working with WaterFed® and would do yourself a favor to purchase a multistage system because the filter replacement costs can add up. If you do decide to go with a DI only system to try things out, consider getting a system that you can upgrade later, such as our NXT 2.

The other reason you might consider a DI system is because the system has little water restriction and can, therefore, reach higher up, without having to purchase a pump. If you want to learn more about pumps for WaterFed® systems, click here. The reason there is less water resistance is that the water is being pushed through one filter, as opposed to two or three filters. This means that the water pressure from your tap has less in the way of getting to your pole than if the water were to work its way through a multistage system. 

The Choice Is Yours!

The choice between a DI only system and a multistage system can be determined by the upfront costs, understandably. But it is also worth knowing the true cost of each system.

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