Is a Pump Right For You?

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WaterFed® is pretty amazing. The concept behind pure water cleaning is brilliant, and pairing it with a pole that allows you to clean windows as high as six stories is genuinely brilliant. Sometimes though, that concept needs help from other tools to become fully realized. Pumps are never required to get pure water clean, but they may be necessary when you are looking for height and power that may not be achievable with tap pressure.

1. The first instance is if you have less than ideal pressure from a job’s water source. Except for various mounted water-fed systems, you are at the mercy of your building’s PSI (pounds per square inch) to drive water through your filters. A pump will allow your system to produce even more purified water, which means your windows will be cleaned faster because rinsing windows off will be significantly quicker. In combination with a WaterFed® system, a pump has the potential to make your business more money and give it the ability to expand in the future.

2. Another instance where you may find yourself in need of a pump is if you need to clean higher than you currently can reach. A pump will not only drive your water through the WaterFed® filters in a way that regular tap pressure can’t, it will also use the pressure to force the now purified water through your pole. This allows you to reach heights above four stories. On the business end of things, this will allow your company to bid on a larger variety of jobs.

All right, you might want a pump. But is it right for your system?

Having a pump can be the solution to your WaterFed® dilemma dealing with power and pressure, but it is not the best solution for every system.

DI Systems

If you have a DI only system, such as the Triple Crown Photon or the Unger Hydro, you may want to pause before purchasing a pump. A DI only system has very little resistance caused by the DI filter. In other words, a pump is not going to help your system produce much more water. This system is ideal for those looking to dip her or his toes in the WaterFed® pool.

Multi-Stage Systems

Multi-stage systems, however, are ideal when using a pump, because the multiple filters the water will have to run through will slow down the flow of water. A pump will be able to pressurize the water to push it through the filters, and in turn, you’ll see a significant increase of water coming out of your WaterFed® system.

A pump can be the answer if you’re wondering what can take you to the next level in WaterFed® cleaning. While it might not be for everyone, a pump can be the boost of water pressure that your cleaning strategy needs, whether that be a higher window or more job bids. To learn more about pumps, click here.

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