Let’s Talk Hip Buckets

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Tools, by which window cleaners perform his or her magic, are not just important, they are crucial. And with so many tools, there are tools with which to hold other tools. Insert hip buckets. Ah, hip buckets. What would we do without those beautiful, elongated tubes that hold our coveted window cleaning tools? We don’t know either, and that is why we carry so many hip bucket options for you to choose from at abc.

First Things First

One of the most important things to know up front about hip buckets is that for the most part, many hip buckets fit selectively to their respective brand’s window cleaning tools. With that said, this is not always the case. Click this chart to see what hip bucket your tools will work best with. Having said this, if you are brand loyal to any one particular brand and already have your tools, consider buying that brand hip bucket. If that doesn’t work for you for one reason or another, perhaps we can help you choose a more suitable hip bucket with this post. If you are a new window cleaner or just getting out fitted with new gear, you’ll find this article very helpful. We are going to go through all of abc’s hip bucket brand options, as well as the meaning and purpose behind some characteristics that can be found on a hip bucket.

Tool Belt Attachment

Detachable Clip Style

One option there is to choose from is the style by which the hip bucket attaches to your tool belt. There are a few different styles, each offering its own advantages. The first style we are going to talk about is a detachable clip style. This style is similar to most plastic clips, with a female and male end. The male end of the clip will remain on your belt, while the female end detaches completely with the hip bucket in tow. This style is great for those window cleaners who are looking to be able to completely take off and put on her or his hip bucket. A detachable hip bucket, though, does include more material in the design, which means that it will hang lower on the leg of the window cleaner.

Detachable Clip Style

Semi-Detachable Clip Style

Another style of clip is a semi-detachable style. This hip bucket is also completely removable but in a different way. The clips are essentially clipped in a loop around your tool belt. Once the clip is unhinged, nothing remains of the hip bucket on the tool belt. This style clip is helpful for window cleaners who feel more comfortable with taking the entire clip off of the tool belt, perhaps to make room for other tools.

Semi-Detachable Clip Style

Slide On Detachable Clip Style

Another style of connecting your hip bucket to your tool belt is referred to as a slide on, detachable clip, and is specific to Moerman brand. This style clip can slide your hip bucket on and off your belt, as well as give you the ability to detach the hip bucket while leaving the clip on the belt. This style also keeps the hip bucket high on your leg.

Slide On Detachable Clip Style

Fixed Clip Style

The last popular style of attachment offered on hip buckets is called fixed. As the name implies, this hip bucket is fixed onto your tool belt. It consists of a nylon loop that can only be removed by sliding on and off the loop from the tool belt itself. This style is great for window cleaners that constantly like to have his or her hip bucket on their side.

Fixed Style Hip Bucket

Leg String

Another characteristic of hip buckets is whether or not they have a leg string, which is essentially a string that ties around your leg to reduce the hip bucket from swaying and any spills that may result from such. Some of the hip buckets that lay higher up on the window cleaners leg don’t have a leg string because the buckets themselves sway less because they are higher on the leg. This difference is really a matter of personal preference. Even if you get a hip bucket that includes leg string, you can choose not to use it.

Hip Bucket Slots

The last major difference is how many slots each hip bucket is designed with. This determines the number of tools you can hold, in some cases, even dictating which tools can be held where. Generally, most hip buckets are designed with one large slot, used for your t-bar and washer, and a few smaller slots for your squeegees.

Triple Crown Hip Bucket

Triple Crown hip buckets have four slots, one large slot for t-bars and three smaller slots for squeegees. These are offered with a detachable clip style, as well as a semi-detachable clip. All Triple Crown hip buckets come with a leg string and four legs that allow for the hip bucket to stand up on its own.

Pulex Hip Bucket

The Pulex hip bucket also offers four slots, with respective tool uses. These hip buckets are offered with detachable clip styles and fixed style. These hip buckets also come with the leg string characteristic.

Moerman Hip Bucket

The next style is the Moerman hip bucket, which is designed with three slots, one large for your t-bar and washer, and two slots for your squeegee. One unique thing about these hip buckets is that the squeegee slots are designed to be “inside” the large slot. The Moerman hip bucket is available in the sliding, detachable clip style. It is also a good example of a hip bucket without a leg string, due to the fact that the bucket itself lays higher on the leg than others.

Ettore Hip Bucket

The Ettore hip bucket come with two slots, one for your t-bar and washer and one for your squeegee. They come in detachable clip style or fixed style.

Unger Ninja Hip Bucket

The Unger Ninja Bucket comes with four slots, one large slot for your washer, two slots for your squeegees, and one slot specifically designed for a single edge razor.

Unger Hip Bucket

The final hip bucket that we discuss is the general Unger brand hip bucket. It comes with three slots, one large slot for your t-bar, one smaller slot for you squeegee, and one even smaller slot for a single edged razor.

As we mentioned before, it is important to make certain that your tools will fit with the brand of hip bucket you choose. With that said, another thing to consider is that some wide body channels have a hard time fitting in the smaller “squeegee” slots.

And there you have it! Hip buckets explained, dissected, and discussed. Next time your in the market for a hip bucket or two, be sure to reference this post to make sure you are getting EXACTLY what you want. Also, feel free to download the hip bucket/ tool guide to make sure that your tools will work with the hip bucket of your choosing (or vice versa). If you have any unanswered questions about hip buckets, comment below with you questions and email address and we will be sure to answer them.

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  1. Those are some cool looking window cleaning buckets! I’m looking for a particular color to hopefully match my logos I creat for my window cleaning business out here in California

  2. Some of the 18 inch Pulex microfiber sleeves are very plush and are a larger diameter than most sleeves. The ends can get a little flared out too after using them for a while. So which hip bucket has the biggest space for these larger diameter sleeves?

    Too bad the Unger Ninja hip bucket isn’t bigger. The Pulex sleeves barely squeeze in it. But otherwise it would be great.

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