Traits a Client Looks for from a Good Cleaning Crew

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What sets a top-notch crew above a mediocre one? There are several traits that a quality cleaning company can employ to make sure clients are truly satisfied with their cleaning crew experience.

Replacement Policies

Sometimes accidents happen. It’s just a fact of life, but a great company will resolve the problem with no questions asked.

Schedule Flexibility

While this may sound like a given, you’d be surprised how un-flexible some companies can be. You have a busy schedule (which is part of the reason you hired a cleaner), so finding that perfect time when cleaning can take place can feel daunting. A particular trait of a high-quality cleaning company is appointment flexibility, punctuality, and communication, should a time change occur.

Double and Triple Check

A supervisor on-site for inspection during a carpet cleaning job is a way to uphold high standards of practice. Not only does this provide company quality control, but it also allows cleaners to receive feedback on their performance to improve their work. A final check by all members of the team should also be conducted to ensure no corners went untouched.

Leave No Trace

A professional cleaning crew will always remove their shoes or wear shoe covers before entering a house. The client can also expect his/her belongings to be precisely where they left them. A good crew will respect the client’s things while ensuring absolute cleanliness.

No matter the type of cleaning your crew is doing, these are some tips to follow to ensure your clients are satisfied. Now that you’re in the know use this information to guide you as you select a new cleaning company for your needs.

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4 Comments on “Traits a Client Looks for from a Good Cleaning Crew”

  1. One of my favorite things to do when I enter a clients home.. because I train my customers that I do insides first… I get water for my bucket wherever they indicate and regardless the flooring I set a towel on the floor before I place my bucket..

  2. I do very large home and large office interiors and NEVER bring a bucket into the house.

    Starting over 15 years ago I began using a bottle and have never had a spill or a stained on the floor.

    One thing that helps if the place is large (bigger than 12-16 oz bottle) is to bring a small concentrate bottle and top off as needed… this also keeps your solution nice and warm too. 🙂

    Ya, true… the bottle flopping around sucks, but OMG… it’s lightening fast and VERY VERY clean. This will save you back and is less a pain in the A$$ than toting 2.5 gallons around all day!!!

  3. I have to say after being the owner of a janitorial services company for almost 10 years now what you talk about is bang on!

    Everything is on point. From the foot covers, to the flexibility to the double and then triple checking of work. This is exactly what we do in our company and some other things to. It’s simple stuff like this you’d think is obvious, but so many other companies don’t do, that has allowed us to rise up and be build a reputable name for ourselves in Winnipeg.

    Loved the article! Thanks so much for the read!

    Owner of Workplace Janitorial Services.

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