Tips From a WaterFed® Expert

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We recently caught up with our friend Dan from A New View to get some tips on WaterFed® Systems from an expert that uses a pure water system every day. We asked Dan some of the questions we at abc are asked. We figured who better to have industry insights than an expert who uses WaterFed® Carts regularly.
A New View Crew

We started easy, then got into the good stuff:

How does your day begin?

We do a weekly team meeting over coffee and breakfast burritos.

Is there a specific brand of clothes you wear to help keep yourself cool?

We have dry-fit polo shirts like you would see golfers wearing. They look great, wash up nice, and keep us cool in the summer.

Truck or van?

We have three pick-up trucks and one van. I prefer the look of the trucks for branding, but it’s definitely easier to get gear in and out of a van.

What WaterFed® system do you use?

We have two Phaser systems from abc.

Do you unload it alone or have help?

The primary reason we picked the Phasers were the ease of loading and unloading. It fits into the back of the trucks and can be loaded and unloaded with one guy. It also flows well at residential and commercial sites without the need for a pump.

What kind of WFP is your favorite /do you use?

The jury is still out on this one. We have two different brands of poles, one low-end one that we’ve had some breakage on, and one expensive one with a nice warranty. I think they probably need another year of use before we decide which one was the better purchase. It’s definitely frustrating to break a pole during the middle of a job, though, and that’s why we spent more on our most recent pole purchase.
A New View Crew

What kind of brush do you use?

I know there are a lot of options for brushes out there, but to date, we haven’t had any reason to switch from the basic dual trim brushes. We haven’t seen much difference between two jets and four, either.

Do you begin with top windows or the lower windows?

Always the top. The majority of our work is residential, and we still try to get all the safe windows with a mop and squeegee, although we are always finding new windows that “need” to be cleaned with pure water.

Whats your favorite part about WaterFed®?

Safety. We have 11 employees, and I don’t worry about any of them falling from a 30-foot ladder. We actually don’t even have one at the shop now. Like I mentioned earlier, we are always finding windows that we have cleaned for years that we now are using pure water for. Above pergolas, steep or rough terrain, tile rooflines, etc.

Are there any tricks you have learned while you’ve had your system that helps you?

Just being confident that pure water really works was a big learning curve for us. We had been cleaning with a squeegee for a long time, so we were skeptical. But if there are spots left on a window, it’s almost always operator error. We also love having the steel wool pad holders on the neck of our poles to ensure that the windows are getting a good scrub, especially for first-time customers.

On any given job, how many times might you have to reposition the pole?

When we are doing the outside of an entire job with pure water, we change the height of the pole dozens of times. Both of our poles adjust their height quickly, though, so I’ve not spent a lot of time to think about it. For the work we are doing (4 stories and below), I wouldn’t want to run a modular pole.

Big Thanks to A New View Crew

Thank you very much to Dan and the whole crew at A New View for working with us on this post. Check them out. They are located in Loveland, Colorado!

Are you a WaterFed® expert? Tell us some of your tricks in the comment section below!