Small Steps to Solve a Large Water Problem

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Addressing the World Water Crisis

It’s hard to imagine a day without water. It seems outlandish that California is in such serious drought because living without water is practically unimaginable. But this is the case for so many people around the world. In the United States alone, according to, an estimated 9 million people don’t have access to water. This number significantly increases when you travel to developing parts of countries such as Africa and parts of Asia. ABC Window Cleaning Supply has made a commitment to donate 1 % of abc WaterFed® Cart and Triple Crown Pole sales to Charity:Water. It is the starting point for us and we encourage anyone who will listen to participate in the efforts, even if they seem small and insignificant. According to, every one dollar given will equate to anywhere from 4 to 12 dollars towards that given project. Charity:Water doesn’t just give you the information about the crisis, they also provide you with resources to help. They encourage people to start campaigns for birthdays, for music festivals, for growing a mustache. Charity:water has encouraged us to do something about this crisis, and now we want to encourage you.


We encourage everyone to take a look at Charity:water’s website. Do your own reseach, find your best solution to help. Check out our WaterFed® Cart Page. Thank you to Charity:water for the opportunity, it is truly our pleasure to work with you all. 

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  1. The water crisis is legitimate, which is why when it comes to cleaning equipment sales services and rentals in New York, we encourage the selling of equipment that is environmentally friendly and designed to use less water.

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