Soldiers and Squeegees

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 Serving in any sort of armed forces is, indeed, not for everyone. It takes a special kind of person, one with the ability to push his or her own personal opinion and safety off to the side and strive to make accomplishments for the greater good. It takes a person with a huge heart and a vision. And for those kinds of people, these attributes don’t stop once they stop serving. Pete Wilson is a perfect example of the kind of person it takes to serve and what life looks like when the military boots are retired. Pete is a retired Marine of fourteen years, with an MBA from the University of Miami. He recently opened a Window Genie franchise branch for the greater Cincinnati area. The most impressive part of all of his accomplishments is they never stop coming from that same caring, genuine place from which he served this country. His newest goal is to hire veterans such as himself at his new window cleaning business. We recently caught up with Pete and asked him a few questions about his new goals and business adventures.

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What takeaways did you gain from serving as a Marine?
I have many takeaways from serving in the Marines for 14 years. Leadership, problem-solving, people skills, mission accomplishment, and attention to detail are probably the biggest takeaways, along with being flexible and ability to adapt to any situation.

Why do you think it’s important to hire veterans?
Veterans have a unique perspective on life and have many attributes such as leadership, problem-solving skills, and attention to details. They work hard, focus on getting the job done, and are willing to go the extra mile to take care of customers.

What are some of the challenges a vet might face when first coming home after serving?
There are lots of challenges. Finding employment and a support network of like-minded or similarly experienced people is tough, as well as figuring out how to navigate the differences between military and civilian life.

What are some challenges you have come up against when starting your Window Genie branch?
Educating customers that window cleaning is a wonderful service that should be done on a regular basis and is a valuable part of their home maintenance plan.

What interests you most about this industry?
The concepts are simple to understand; yet there are so many things to learn. Window cleaning is about patience and details, as well as delivering great customer service, and we do all of those things well.

What are some future goals you have set for yourself?
I want to grow the business in a smart way, and become the number one source for window cleaning in the greater Cincinnati area. I also want to expand north, and continue providing great career opportunities for veterans while serving in the community. That’s why I am now collaborating with Cedar HOA Management.

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A giant Thank You to Mr. Pete Wilson for taking the time to do this, we know you’re a busy man, an awesome, caring, busy man.

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