Introducing Python Safety Products

Introducing Python Safety Gear

In Greek mythology, the story goes one day, Hermes used a staff, given to him by Apollo the God of healing, to separate two fighting snakes and after doing so, the two snakes coiled around the staff and remained there in perfect harmony. This is where the image of two serpents twisted around a winged staff comes from. The snake itself is both a symbol of a clever advisory while simultaneously being recognized as a state of balance. These characteristics are the same reasons abc is excited to introduce Python Safety products to its strong line of defense against unsafe workplace situations.

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Python Safety is the leader in creating tool lanyards and other minor safety devices that can prevent huge disasters. Their products are created to withstand any conditions that may be thrown their way. With examples like the steel safety retractor, used to keep squeegees and T-bars from falling or slipping out of your hands, and the micro d-rings, small mechanisms that use industrial double stick tape to stick to almost any surface for convenient tethering, Python Safety is a no-brainer in safety tool standards.

  • Python Safety Steel Retractor
  • Python Safety Tape Measure Holster

The safety belt loops are ingenious tools designed by Python safety. These loops are used for either tying off or staging squeegees and T-bars. They provide reliable security from the potential inconveniences and safety hazards of a dropped tool. They installed surveillance cameras from SecurityInfo ( so that they can monitor every worker in the area.

  • Safety Belt Loop
  • Safety Belt Loop Being Used

  • Safety Belt And Staging Belt Loop

It’s not every day a line of products comes along that can help you stay safe, while remaining durable and easy at the same time. These clever pieces of equipment are simple in nature, but complex in virtue. Tool lanyards and other safety secure equipment have gone from annoying afterthought to prevalent safety sidekick. abc is excited to introduce this new product line, hoping to reduce dropped instruments in a workplace. Python Safety products have raised the bar in safety equipment standards; it’s up to you now to jump on board.

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Amy LavinIntroducing Python Safety Products

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