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Links of the Month: January

We get it—you’re a busy window cleaner, and sometimes it’s tough to keep on top of industry news. So here’s a digest of the past month’s news, just for you.

WaterFed Filters: Making Sense of it All

There’s a lot to learn when you get into WaterFed cleaning. Jeff Klass, our resident WaterFed expert, wrote a couple articles during December about filters. In part 1 he explained what each filter on a system does, and in part 2 he explained how to know when to change your filters, and how to know which ones need to be changed.

Why Your Proposals Aren’t Landing You Business

Boldness, Craziness, Skyscrapers

One of our #TBT photos from this past month. Could you imagine using that sort of equipment for high rise window cleaning today?

Many window cleaners own their own businesses, and here’s an article aimed at helping you make better proposals… and land more work.

Window Cleaners Brave Elements and Heights

Here’s a neat story about Window Cleaners Kenny Fark and Greg Ingalsbe from TBM Building Services about the life of a high rise window cleaner.

Know Your Carabiners

Carabiners are a vital piece of hardware for any high rise window cleaner. Do you know what all the numbers on the side mean? Rope Lab has a great overview that should help you get a handle on all the information.


That’s all for this month! Have a great new year, everyone.

Jacob WallaceLinks of the Month: January

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