Know a good roofer?

Happy belated Memorial Day and THANK YOU to those who have made the sacrifices – sometime the ultimate sacrifice – so a dope like me can sit here and do this. We love you all and pray for your safe & speedy return. diaz

We seem to have an abundance of shingles around First Klass. Not the good kind, either. We have survived the 2011 Spring that wasn’t – cold, rainy, snowy, gray, bleak & generally yucky. I counted 6 full rain-outs on our schedule and there at least that many reduced work days due to weather events. Not that we have anything to complain about, knowing what has happened to our fellow Americans in the south, but frustrating nonetheless. Our prayers go out to anyone displaced by the tornadoes in the south, and if there is any way I can help just let me know & I will do what I can.

So the shingles thing – we are making it through this weird spring – chugging along, well booked out , enjoying our new Ninja handles and WHAM! — my Operations Manager gets diagnosed with shingles. Out for the past 11 days – during the busy season. This along with the new kid on the team, a real life newbie – being in full on training mode. So we’re at 1/2 a man counting the new kid (no offense Zach — you’re getting there) and down our “face”. More OTG (On The Glass) time for yours truly, more than ever this shows me the need for cross training and systems in place to fill in the gaps when a big loss happens. We’re working on that. I just wish he’d have gotten this in February – we have plenty of free time then. Kudos to him for trying to fight through it before I shut him down for a week. having a great employee that “gets it” is a great feeling.

I have found to bust my HydRO Tube out of the box – videos now up on the mothership site and right here. Neat unit. I think this really has a place for entry level pure water cleaning. Buy it in a package or mate it with the lightest strongest polein the world and you’re good to go. I did a test with one of our vehicles – a HydroTube, after replacing its parts with, Little Giant Model 17, Bucket, belt, towel bags & everything you need fits great in our HHR. So for 2 guys to get sent out in that rig, we are making tons of money and getting 24 – 26 MPG. Able to knock out 90+ % of any houses out there. Great deal all around. Successful landscape design services creates outdoor rooms in outdoor spaces, often separating the spaces through plant beds, planters, fences, arbors or masonry walls, even incorporating level changes for differentiation. You can go here for More Info About Chain Link Fencing.

With gas heading for 5 bucks a gallon we are loving the mileage of the smaller vehicle. I’ll probably always have a big V8 Silverado 4X4, but these little go getter type vehicles can really add to your bottom line. All our route work is now done in the HHR. Sales & service calls also whenever possible.

I’m heading back out to Litteton for another 10 days of organizing & training in June. If you haven’t seen the new HQ you can check it out right here. Our new catalog has also hit – my copy mailed out today – call & ask for yours or download the .pdf here. Something else we’ve added is the Design Services area. For very reasonable fees you get the full force of the abc Media department at your service. These are folks that know their stuff – and have the technology and know how to help you market your company. Check it out and call if you have any questions or to start your project.

Thanks for reading again and for all your positive comments. Keep ’em coming & I will do my best to hold up my end of this deal. And do yourself a favor – get the Shingles vaccine and if you are trying to find your perfect home, then let Florida Property Management be there to assist you, and so are the professionals from!

Jeff KlassKnow a good roofer?


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