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Welcome to another edition of the worlds greatest blog! Thanks for reading. Our April window cleaning schedule is already chock full. We’re down to marbles & BBs. No, not losing our marbles, down to marbles in the schedule. Confused? Read on. A pretty smart guy – owns this company –  told me the story of the college professor who fills a jar with golf balls & asks his students to raise their hand if they think the jar is full. After hands go up, the crafty prof adds marbles to the jar, filling in some of the gaps. Asking again, more hands go up. So the logical professor adds BBs to the jar. See where I am going? All the way down to sand and then finally water. That’s how I approach filling our window cleaning schedule.

We are at the marble/BB stage on the schedule right now, booking bigger jobs 6 weeks out. I always try & make room for sand, whether my crew agrees or not.  I also try very hard to keep 1 or 2 days unscheduled every month to accommodate rain outs or last minute demands. We’ve just bid on this, and if we get it, one of the parts of the deal is ala carte cleaning on call. We will need to be very flexible on our end of the schedule to meet their demands. We’ll be using our pure water systems on the exteriors. The director we met with was impressed with the technology, so that may give us a leg up. For the high stuff we’ll be rocking the modular. I just did a demo that included that pole for some companies this week. We had various pure water systems, and poles from many manufacturers in their hands. They saw real world application on one of our buildings. If you want a hnads-on demo, call me at 303-641-0948 & let’s see what we can get set-up. I have to say everyone that gets that modular carbon fiber bad boy in their hands wants it! I love self-selling equipment!

One thing we’re implementing at First Klass this year is multi-year residential contracts. I am trying to get all new residential to sign up for 2 or 3 years. I sell them on our stability, references, longevity, knowledge and that they can fix their costs for the next 2 or 3 years. We also pre-schedule those cleanings, so I have commercial & residential appointments already booked into 2013! Think about that next time you’re sending a sales proposal – (if you never ask them, the answer is always going to be “no”, so at least think about asking them!)

The worlds greatest window cleaning proposal continues to blow folks away & maintains its mega-high close rate so far this season. 6 multi story commercial & another dozen or so residential, plus hopefully the museum. Want a copy? Email me & I will send it to you in Word format. You can edit it to suit your needs, and use it to massively build your business. For free. Cuz I can, and because you took the time to read this!

Jeff KlassMarbles & BBs


  1. Travis Wehrung

    I would like to have a copy of your “World’s Greatest Window Cleaning Proposal”

    Thank you,

    -Travis Wehrung

  2. Lucas Bartlett

    Thanks for your thoughts and advice. I really liked your blog. I hope you can giving advice like you do.

  3. Jack

    I just wanted to comment on rainouts. We just had a lot of rain last week in Boston. At one time I would have canceled at least two of the days. A few years ago I started working when it was raining (residential.) Now I’m starting to think windows can be done better in the rain, especially those in bad shape to begin with. The exception would be rain with a lot of wind, that would be hard.
    Just thought I put it out there. I have not had one call back even though I encourage people to do so if their not happy.

    1. Author

      Agreed – we clean in the rain whenever feasible. However – while we know that rain is not always a dterrent, the CUSTOMER always has final say, and tmany times in their mind, cleaning in the rain is illogical.

  4. Lawrence Musey

    Can I have a copy of your Worlds greatest window cleaning proposal please
    Thank you

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