It Feels So Empty…

We are moving! After a long weekend of hauling gear to our new building, we are left with an empty warehouse. After years of housing the world’s largest inventory of professional window cleaning supplies, it feels pretty empty.

Walking through this warehouse takes me back to 7 years ago when we first looked at the building. Even though we were ready to burst from the old place, we had no idea what to do with so much space since it was twice as big. There were talks of parking our cars inside, or building a skate park (my idea). However, as it always happens, we filled up the whole place in no time. It wasn’t long before we were wondering how we could possibly fit everything in so little space.

Here we are at the same point again. Our new building is much larger, and again we are talking about parking cars and building tennis courts inside. We reluctantly leave a place that has lots of great memories, but we look forward to serving you for many years to come from our new location.

Look for updates and pictures soon!

Jacob WallaceIt Feels So Empty…

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