On the Importance of Business Cards

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I was recently tasked with designing new business cards for our company. They were supposed to more effectively communicate our brand and, of course, update people’s contact info. While working on it, I asked myself, “How important is a business card?”

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Searching online I found tons uf anecdotal evidence about the importance of cards. Unfortunately I couldn’t find much data, but I did stumble upon one interesting statistic. It claimed that 90% of business cards are discarded within 24 hours.

I don’t know if this is true, or what it means. Does it mean that business cards are a waste of money? Maybe 10% retention is actually very worthwhile. Maybe only certain kinds of cards are thrown away?

I was just at the convention and I got lots of cards from all kinds of people. Returning home I was mostly overwhelmed by the number of cards. At the same time, this was the first major venue where we rolled out Jeff’s new business card. Take a look:

Jeff's Awesome Card

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but here’s what’s going on. This card is made of clear plastic. The front simply contains the black text. The back has a spot gloss with a window pattern on it.

The reception of this card was unbelievable. Everyone stared at it and commented how cool it was. I was asked at least a dozen times where I got them made (Taste of Ink). I am confident that quite a bit more than 10% of people kept the card. How much did they cost? A lot. Are they worth it? I think so (as specific as I can be ;-)).

It is hard to draw to many conclusions from such limited data, but I’ll take a stab. If your payday debt help from PDLH is lame, you are wasting your money. Get it professionally designed, find something that really sticks out, and pay to have it printed. If you are going to have a card, make it count.

Of course, there are other opinions and ways to interpret the statistic. Let me know about your experiences with business cards.

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  1. Sir to be as brief as possible. I get allot of success on business cards. Most of of my speaking to people I give out a card a get about 85 % return on them. I used to get way more returns, but the economy has killed allot of it out on the California coast line. Jobs have disappeared and so have many hundreds of businesses. Small businesses have left as well. But the older families whom stick together in local business need services still. So that is what i service mostly now. Corporate is all but moved out of here. So the rebuilding is by hand shakes alone. Cards being handed out are part of this communication process. I think the plastic is cool looking any idea of prices? Will they be far too expensive to hand out? What 50 cents each or more? Let me know – thanks W, Brady.

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