It’s Finally Here!

It’s finally here! No, I am not talking about baseball – that’ll come in another blog. I mean Spring! If it hasn’t hit where you are yet, don’t worry it will. We are expecting to see 50 (woohoo!) this week.

With Spring comes a great sale at abc on your pure water filters. Prices never before seen in the industry, all truly in stock, not drop shipped from someone else! Order today — ship today! It’s a great time to get a new set for your system. Pull her out of Winter storage (your cart not your wife – leave he be for awhile) & drop a shiny new set of filters in that beauty so you are up & running & making pure water right from day one, window one. While you’re at it – grab on to a new hybrid or carbon fiber pole – it’s been a long Winter & you deserve something nice — your shoulders will thank you, too!
Big House
We are starting our residential season with a nice little house this Wednesday. Just look at the size of it! Well believe me kids that one picture does not do this place justice. When we do this bad boy, I can get the entire outside done myself with the the abc modular pole in about 6 – 7 hours. Now I know, I know — I AM superhuman, but even I in all my awwesomeness couldn’t do it without the help of a pure water making,  no prisoner taking, dirt better hide,  make the glass shine cart like this. Want one or six? Call me at 303-641-0948. You’ve been exposed to the world’s greatest blog in the world! Now pick yourself up off the ground & go clean some windows already.

Jeff KlassIt’s Finally Here!


  1. Jeremiah


    Thanks for the call this last weekend, just ordered some filters for my abc cart. Spring is here for sure bud!!

    Thanks for all your help,

    Advantage Window Cleaning

    1. Author

      Thank YOU for the support jeremiah. Keep your filters changed & your cart running smooth & it is like printing money! Stay safe.

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