Back in the cold saddle

After a 2 week sojourn through the great state of Florida, it feels good to be home. Even if home greeted me with 3 inches of snow & 14 degrees. Spring will be here soon enough so I’m not going to let the rest of winter get me down.

Having so many great people visit us at the abc booth during the convention is always a treat. I enjoy talking with window cleaners no matter the size of their company. Everyone has an opinion on their favorite squeegee, T-bar, soap or other tools. It is always great to see the diversity this industry offers. One big hit at the show was the new Unger Ninja squeegee. This could be a real big seller for Unger, and may single handedly rebirth the Ninja family of tools. (Remember them?) The convention this year seemed to have more energy than in previous years. I think it is due to the slow but sure economic recovery we’re in. We’re plodding along, not surging, but anything is welcome right now.

From the convention I put about 800 miles on my rental car meeting with some of our Florida clients. What an interesting climate to work in. While it may feel like Heaven in February, in summer, every company mentioned the need for additives to keep the water from evaporating so fast. Even in summer in Wisconsin, we rarely need those. Down there they seem to be a staple. It was also exciting for me to see how many companies are now embracing the pure water technology.

The sector of our industry that you can read more at offers some of the greatest arenas for profit, safety & productivity advancements. Why not make this year the year you decide to get on board? Who’s not a fan of safer, more profitable operations?

As the calendar turns to March, the snow will go away and the window cleaning world will wake up once again. Spring cleanings are going to be in full swing in the next 2 – 3 weeks — I’ll be helping you determine what you’re going to need to make this the best spring ever! Thanks for reading & you can always send me topics or questions to

Jeff KlassBack in the cold saddle

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