To Mail, or Not to Mail, That is the Question

Jacob WallaceMarketing

In the window cleaning business (and most other business), marketing is crucial. Clients that haven’t heard of you can’t hire you. The question is, what form of marketing is the most effective for a window cleaning company?

There are lots of options. The first, most obvious, is to send out a physical mail piece. The advantage is that mail is an invasive marketing move. When you send someone a piece of mail, they have to do something with it. Whether they throw it out or not, it demands action. When you mail something, it will almost certainly get looked at.

Unfortunately for marketing, people hate junk mail. While they are forced to do something with the mail, that something is most likely throwing it away. In fact, some studies show that you have about 1 second to convince the prospect that they should read on. Designing your mailer to grab their attention is another important topic that will be discussed later.

A second option is online marketing. It has some significant advantages over mail. It is easier to track, usually cheaper, and often has a higher response rate. If you are using Google PPC or Google Organic, anyone that visits your website is explicitly looking for what you have to offer. Make sure that you set up a Google Places account so that local customers can easily find you when googling.
A great way to connect with your customers is through email. Start collecting your customer’s emails and contact them periodically about new services, special deals, etc. Email is one of the cheapest marketing tools out there. If you get a large list, start using an email marketing tool like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp.

Don’t forget social media. Check out my post about using social media in your company.

I’d love to hear from you! What kind of marketing has been most effective for your window cleaning business?