As Simple as a Tennis Ball on a Stick

Tennis Ball on a Stick

As I sat in an airport recently, I saw a custodian removing black scuff marks from the floor with a tennis ball mounted to the end of a broomstick. So simple, so easy, almost revolutionary in its simplicity.

When you’re looking to solve a problem for your client, don’t automatically go for the biggest, most grandiose solution you can think of – often the best solutions are as simple as a tennis ball on a stick. In our industry, that may mean a razor – properly applied, a twin angle adapter on a pole, the right chemical or the proper detergent. Maybe you don’t need the 3 thousand dollar polishing system. Maybe you just need a tennis ball on a stick, or the window cleaning equivalent.

We are in the business of solving problems for our customers. Simple, easy to understand and implement solutions are many times better for both parties involved. Building client trust and loyalty is so important in any service business, look for the easy solution to your clients’ problems and watch them come back to you forever.

Jeff KlassAs Simple as a Tennis Ball on a Stick


  1. Tom Franklin

    Good word Jeff. We try to do that with our customers, and go beyond just cleaning their windows. We always have a bag of tools to do the simple things that sometimes drive the customer crazy, but can be solved with a screwdriver , a razor blade or a wrench. We often don;’t even charge for things like changing a smoke alarm battery or a light bulb high up. Our customers will keep us for ever and spread a good word too.

  2. David A Ashley

    I saw the tennis ball at work at the U of Illinois Chicago,and it work very

    good. It did take the black marks off the floor.

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