Among the Best & Brightest

Tuesday at the IWCA Board of Directors meeting, I will be attending my last meeting on board of directors for the 2010-2011 term. I would say that the time I spent this past year on this board under Vic Munson and the previous one under Larry Green have proven beyond a doubt that the IWCA is in great hands! The professionalism, drive and desire to give back to the industry shown by every board member I have been fortunate enough to serve with should stand as inspiriation to all IWCA members in the future. Get involved and help steward the finest association in our industry on to bigger and better things!

Yes, there is cost involved. Yes there is time sacrifice required. But much like the political process of our nation, if you do not get educated and involved, how will anything ever change?

If you’re coming to Florida this week — make time to attend the board meeting – volunteer for some committees — be a part, a real , active part of the IWCA — I promise you it will be worth every minute. The friendships I have made and cemented from my short ime on the BOD will always be a great memory. The amazing people I was lucky enough to serve with will always remind me to strive to be my best. The examples of Mr’s. Munson & Green will long be remembered by all as a golden time in the IWCA. I am certain our best days lie ahead, and I cannot wait to see where the path of the IWCA leads.

Jeff KlassAmong the Best & Brightest

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